fair fashion inspiration : hello summer


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This weekend I created a little collage inspired by amazing warming and calming sunshine. I found some timeless fair fashion pieces for men and women which can easily be transformed in your personal sustainable all-time favorites.

Please always make sure, if when you purchase a new product, you are 100% sure that it isn´t additional and you are really in need of it!


{ Disclaimer this post contains affiliate links, find more about here/ Dieser Post enhält affiliate Links hier findest du mehr dazu}

FEMINIST// always bring a sweater with you in case it gets colder in the evenings while drinking a glass of wine at a campfire. Dedicated, created in Stockholm, makes beautiful ethical and fairtrade garments and makes sure, you can wear the word feminist in an authentic way

KOI-JANELLE// 100% Cotton never looked cooler. This Jumpsuit could be your favorite to-go piece. Kings of Indigo did, as always, a great job.

SANDALS// growing up overnight with super timeless sandals by Nae vegan shoes. Imagine balmy summer evenings and a cool glass of white wine – feeling like la parisienne with your black beauties and an airy summer dress.

BEAUTIFUL BOMBS// recently I am totally in love with minimal boho accessoires. Made from recycled military grade of the vietnam war, these bangels combine beautiful design with meaning.

CHINO// no words needed. Dedicated did a great job designing timeless and cool Summer Chino for men.

THE MINIMALIST// I have probably never seen a man without a purse in his pocket. O My Bag created a beautiful little cardcase for the few little things you need for a day at the beach – minimalist for one day has never looked better.

CARGO// Old School and never out of style. Yes for Tomas – the Cargo Trousers by ArmedAngels.


{ affiliate links: For easy and fast access to my recommended products, I try to link as many as possible. Some of them are affiliate links. If you buy something with this link (you do not have to, but you can) I earn a few euros. There is no extra cost to you and my recommendation remains unpaid and authentic. I only work with online Shops and Brands I want to support in an 100% authentic and sustainable way. }
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