Fair Fashion Inspiration: Stripes

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{ Here you can read more about „WERBUNG“ on this blog} 

I talk a lot about building a capsule wardrobe. Knowing what you like and what fits best to you and your closet is so important for creating a timeless and sustainable wardrobe. This beautiful shirt blouse { PR SAMPLE } definitely is one of the timeless pieces I talked about. It´s  100% Cotton and designed by a lovely little slow fashion brand called Like a bird. 

For me it is super important owning only garments which can be combined with minimum 30% of my closet. This simplifies your life so much and saves a lot of time. So when I buy garments ( and you know this happens really really rarely ), I imagine at least 5 or 6 possible Outfit combinations. If there are only 2 or 3 coming to my mind I simply don´t buy it no matter how much I love the design or color.

[ For this look I went for my already 4 Years old white jeans which I bought in Paris. And my all time favorite Birkenstocks ] 




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