affiliate links:

EN: For easy and fast access to my recommended products, I try to link as many as possible. Some of them are affiliate links. If you buy something with this link (you do not have to, but you can) I earn a few euros. There is no extra cost to you and my recommendation remains unpaid and authentic. I only work with online Shops and Brands I want to support in an 100% authentic and sustainable way. 

DE: Damit ich euch gleich easy meine Empfohlenen Produkte verlinken kann. Manche Produktlinks sind Affiliate Links. Wenn ihr mit diesem Link das Product kauft, dann erhalte ich ein paar Euro. Ich arbeite natürlich nur mit Onlineshops und Brands zusammen, die ich 100% authentisch unterstützen mag und vertreten kann.

Product samples: Thanks to my work for the blog and on Instagram, I occasionally receive free products, such as clothing and cosmetic products, for testing. Whether I am writing about it, I decide. To give you more transparency, I either mark the post with „WERBUNG“ directly. My opinion remains 100% genuine and honest! For writing about a Product Sample I am not paid.